What We Do

Affordable housing is a keystone to a vibrant community.  Most communities have a strong need for more mixed income developments, workforce housing, special needs housing and senior housing.  In addition to housing, comprehensive community development includes commercial ventures providing needed goods and services, empowering people to build assets, promoting healthy lifestyles through wellness programming, and economic development including business development, and workforce training with the goal of job creation and increasing household incomes.

Community Action Agencies are uniquely qualified to identify community needs, but may not always have the local resources to address affordable housing. Using innovation and collaboration, and Keystone Hope Development’s skills and experience, local Community Action Agencies can leverage strengths and realize opportunities.

We have assembled a team of experts with demonstrated experience in:

  • Needs Assessment – Working with you to study your community to identify the specific needs and a strategy to address them.
  • Proposal Writing – Assistance writing proposals to submit to various funding sources.
  • Project Development – Planning small and large scale development projects, working with you each step of the way.
  • Construction Management – Detailed construction management from the beginning phases through completion.
  • Partnership Building – We work with you to find partners across your region and state.
  • Identifying and Securing Financing from Public and Private Resources – As partnership of Community Action Agencies, we have experience with funding from banks, investors, and state and federal agencies.
  • Providing Residents with Post Occupancy Support Services – In the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, developers are required to provide supportive services for the residents of the properties they develop.  Keystone Hope Development, through it’s partnering agencies, has an exceptional track record of supportive services.