Developing Affordable Housing from Concept to Completion

Keystone Hope Development LLC is a nonprofit developer of affordable housing. A partnership of Community Action Agencies, Keystone Hope helps other agencies plan, fund, and construct housing that helps create economic development in their regions. The partnership was formed to share expertise and experience with other Community Action Agencies throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.

Our innovative and collaborative approach, strong community engagement, and experience lead to high standards for the housing produced and the supportive services that follow.

Our Mission

To increase affordable housing opportunities while building capacity, creating partnerships, and financially supporting low-income initiatives leading to comprehensive Community Development.

  • Affordable housing includes mixed income developments and target populations for affordable housing would include workforce housing, special needs housing, first-time home buyers, and senior housing.
  • Comprehensive Community Development includes housing, commercial ventures providing needed goods and services, empowering people and communities to build assets, promoting healthy lifestyles through wellness programming, and economic development including business development, and workforce training with the goal of job creation and increasing household incomes.
  • Financially supporting low-income initiatives means ventures that generate sufficient income to cover costs and to supplement the revenue sources of participating organizations. As a “social enterprise” Keystone Hope aims to meet needs in its service area and generate income for Community Action organizations to broaden their respective revenue bases.

About Keystone Hope Development LLC

Keystone Hope Development LLC (KHDC) is a partnership of Community Action Agencies experienced at developing various affordable housing and economic development projects. Learn more about how our experienced staff can help you build affordable housing in your community.


Senior Housing